Small Group Personal Training in Livermore, CA

Small Group Personal Training

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Benefits of

small group personal training?

Small group personal training provides a cost-effective fitness option blending the individualized care of personal training with the energy and camaraderie of group classes.


Personalized coaching

In a small group setting, your coach has the attention they need to assist and motivate you through every step of your workout. This makes small group personal training a great option for anyone who prefers more guidance than you’d expect in larger group classes.


Group fun

Fitness with friends is more fun. In our SGPT classes, you’ll be grouped with 3-6 other people pursuing similar fitness goals. That means you’ll have supportive companions working alongside you through every workout. Less small talk and more high fives.


Keep crushing your goals

Continued conversations and accountability with your dedicated coach. No matter what life throws at you, your coach will be there to help you pivot and adjust your program to keep you consistent.

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